Zoom4 teeth whitening is the most commonly used whitening treatment at our practice in Darlinghurst. Zoom is a popular choice because it is quick, affordable and offers high quality, long lasting results. Dr Levi uses the newest generation Zoom4 system to ensure his patients receive the best results.

Actual Results

How does Zoom4 work?

The Zoom4 system works by using a high quality, concentrated bleaching agent which is complemented by the use of an ultraviolet light. The bleaching agent used in the system is a gel which contains hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. This gel is carefully applied to the teeth, while the gums and other soft tissue in the mouth are completely protected from contact with the bleaching agent. The teeth are then exposed to the blue ultraviolet light which enables the gel to penetrate the enamel and dentin of the teeth, quickly erasing discolouration. The Zoom4 whitening system allows for the safe, pain free use of a high concentration bleaching gel which enables the teeth to be whitened by up to eight shades. The high concentration bleaching gel, the ultraviolet light machine and the professional application of the product, with the gums and soft tissue of the mouth protected, make this treatment far superior to at-home and other non-dentist administered whitening treatments. The efficacy and longevity of the whitening effects are above and beyond anything that can be achieved without a dentist.


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How much does Zoom4 cost?

A Zoom whitening treatment costs $695.

How long does Zoom4 last?

The results of Zoom whitening generally last 2-4 years but if you follow The Smile Shop’s simple post-whitening care instructions, your treated teeth will remain permanently whiter than they were before whitening. The long lasting results make the price of treatment much more worthwhile than cheaper treatments whose effects fade noticeably after just months or even weeks.

How long does Zoom4 take?

The entire treatment session will generally take around one hour.

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